4 Facebook Lead Generation Tips for Property Managers

4 Facebook Lead Generation Tips for Property Managers

Posted on 16. Aug, 2010 by in Marketing

Can apartment communities increase their Facebook audience AND acquire leads?

Absolutely! We can take a page from a few top brands using Facebook today and apply similar techniques to our own marketing strategies. Here are 4 tips for getting leads on Facebook.

1. Talk WITH Fans
No, I don’t mean broadcast your specials! If you’ve been watching the trends lately, you’ve probably heard about the Old Spice YouTube campaign? Basically, Old Spice created impromptu videos in response to comments from their fans on Facebook and Twitter. (If you visit their Facebook page, click on the “Talk to OS Guy” tab. WARNING: Be prepared to spend some time watching the videos! They’re addictive!)

By having a 2-way conversation, the Old Spice Guy was able to increase sales by 107%. Sure, it was risky. People made negative, and stupid, comments but the campaign was a raving success. Old Spice was able to reach new customers with Facebook as a 2-way communication tool.

2. Get In Their Inbox
Does your community have a place for a prospect to request more information from you via Facebook? What about newsletter sign-up? The average Facebook user spends 7 hours per month on Facebook. Chili’s Facebook page has made it possible to target the users email Inbox. If commercial email campaigns return $43.62 for every dollar spent, then can you afford NOT to integrate your social strategies with your email strategies to generate more leads?

3. Offer Exclusive Incentives
A & W Restaurant knows what time it is! Friday, August 6th was National Root Beer Float Day. When a user “liked” their page a coupon became available for a “Free Float”.

What unique holiday can your community build on? How can your community offer a unique incentive worth sharing with their friends? Here are a few ideas:

  • National Dog Day is August 16th, National Cat Day is October 29th; fans could receive no pet deposit coupons for the months of August or October.
  • National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is November 5-11th; with donation of supplies you could forego the pet deposit.
  • National Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on September 19th annually. Pick something creative and RUN with it Mate! Like no deposit for applicants wearing a pirate hat or an eye patch!

4. Make It Easy to Share
We all know Best Buy is the BEST at using social tools to their advantage. From Facebook to Twitter, Best Buy makes it easy for their customers to communicate online. BestBuy’s Facebook page allows customers to shop and share their thoughts and on Twitter they can ask questions to learn more about products from the Best Buy team.

How Can Sharing Generate Leads?

  • Photo and video tagging is very effective. Once a user tags themselves or their friends in photos taken at your community, that photo is then visible to all of their friends and on your Facebook page. As your residents to upload and tag photos from apartment community events to your page.
  • Refer-A-Friend contests have been extremely successful, if the right sharing tools exist on the Facebook page. The user that refers the most fans or generates the most leads wins! (Word of caution: acquaint yourself with Facebook’s terms of service before initiating contests.)

Leasing happens on Facebook. Now is the time to be unique and differentiate yourself from your competitors! How can you communicate with your residents and prospects in a unique way on Facebook?

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