Property Managers: Know Your Audience When Marketing Online

Property Managers: Know Your Audience When Marketing Online

Posted on 19. Aug, 2010 by in Marketing

I tell people repeatedly that I’d rather that they had no Facebook page than seeing a poorly thought out and executed one. Yet, I keep logging on, “liking” pages, and seeing sales pitches.

If you go for the direct sale, you’re going to lose. Consider these stats from the video “Socialnomics”.

  • 96% of people under the age of 30 belong to a social network
  • 78% of people trust peer recommendations
  • 14% of people trust advertising
  • 90% of people TIVO past their ads

You have to remember who you’re talking to. You’re trying to market to generations who don’t trust marketing, who are characterized by being skeptical and who avoid marketing as much as possible. And you’re asking them to “like” a page with a sales pitch on it. I don’t think that’s going to pay off for you. Don’t have your landing page be a big explanation about your property and why you’re so great – they don’t care. A landing page should be a call to action. Personally, I love property management Facebook pages that land on the wall. I think it breeds more engagement and interaction.

If you knew your audience here, you’d know they’re shying away from anything that looks too “corporate.” You’d also know that one of the most important statistics you can look at on your Facebook Analytics is the number of “HIDE FEED” clicks you’re getting. It’s not just about getting the initial mouse click of “like,” it’s about maintaining the ability to show up in their news feeds when you post. To stay on someone’s news feed, you have to be putting out content that they like. It sounds pretty simple, but if you don’t know your audience it can be surprisingly complicated.

So, what do people want to hear about? Look to the community around you. Events, festivals, shopping, deals, things to do; these are all things that people who live in your apartments might care about. On top of that, you’re looking for news stories, interesting online sites, or other content that would be useful to those around you. Some of my favorite places to find content are and, both of which have good pieces of interest that can generate engagement and interaction with your followers.

Also, bear in mind the direct demographics you’re trying to hit. If you’re a 55 and older community, I don’t think they’re going to care too much about Lindsay Lohan’s newest mugshot. On the other hand, they might car about some of the cool stuff that is handmade on or in being taught how to sell their own goods on the site.

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