Uh-Oh. My Facebook Fan Page is Filled with Vacancy Postings

Uh-Oh. My Facebook Fan Page is Filled with Vacancy Postings

Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 by in Marketing, Best Of

Now that you’ve created a Facebook Fan Page for your Property Management company you need to actually post things to it! This is kind of like doing the laundry or unloading the dishwasher – even after you finish, you still aren’t really ‘done’ because there is more to do. If your Facebook Fan pages are filled with vacancies, updates and specials, it will take you a while to build a great fan base. Ask yourself – what would I find interesting, useful or entertaining?

Try to avoid these 3 common Facebook posting mistakes:

1) Your Facebook Page is Filled with New Vacancy Announcements
If you are posting all of your vacancies to Facebook and this is the only thing you’re posting, you’ll have trouble building a fan base. Vacancy postings are only really interesting if 1) they are the fanciest most beautiful apartments in the world or 2) I’m actually looking to rent a new place. Bottom line, if you’re just posting new listings on Facebook you’re probably not going to get or keep a ton of fans. For all of these social networking sites you should pretend you’re having a conversation with an actual person – if you just tell them about yourself (i.e. your vacancies), they won’t stick around for long! Knowing your audience is a must.

What should you do? It’s OK to post your vacancies but only when they’re mixed in with other interesting content.

2) You Regularly Post Promotions or Specials
Another common type of posting is to announce some type of special offer or current promotion. These can be effective and appreciated on Facebook, but only when they’re mixed in with other, interesting content. If you look at your page and you have a lot of these – think about the message you’re sending to your existing residents (why didn’t I get that special??). It’s fine to have these occasionally but not as the majority of your postings.

3) Your Page is Filled With Lots of Friendly Reminders
Posting reminders like “Don’t forget rent is due by the 3rd” or “Please don’t park in front of the leasing office” don’t really feel super friendly. But it is helpful to tell them if the pool will be closed for upgrades or if there is some construction in the neighborhood – these are updates that they might not have known and will make their lives easier. So, my suggestion is to keep friendly reminder postings to a minimum and think of creative ways to turn them into fun contests. For example – If you want them to pay their rent (generally an important thing to do) offer a fun contest to get residents signed up to pay online!

Remember that Facebook is your chance to be fun, give your company a ‘face’ and to provide value to your current and prospective customers.

With each post, ask yourself if your fans will find it:
A) Fun
B) Helpful
C) Interesting
D) All of the above

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