Huntington Beach Squatters Arrested

Huntington Beach Squatters Arrested

Posted on 28. Jan, 2011 by in News

Two men illegally entered a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home that was vacant and for sale in Huntington Beach. Hoan Huu Nguyen, 37 and Jose Alfredo Olivares, 37 took down the “for sale” sign and claimed that they were renters. The real estate agent, Dave Macleod, says that a professional stager came to the house and found that someone had changed the locks. When the police were alerted of the problem and came to arrest the two trespassers, they heard yelling inside, claiming that they had a lease and not to come in.

Squatting has become a growing problem since 2010 when foreclosure laws changed. Tenants can not be evicted before their lease is up after a home goes into foreclosure and real estate agents warn that this is something to watch out for. This Huntington Beach residence (which, in our opinion, would make for fine vacation home), is located 2 blocks from the beach and was purchased by investors for $883,616 in a foreclosure auction in October 2010. “It’s not just squatters to watch out for, but also thieves. People do go and burglarize these homes, too,” says Realtor Macleod.

At least it wasn’t packed with explosives like this Escondido home.


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