Renter Pistol Whips Connecticut Landlord After Not Paying Rent

Renter Pistol Whips Connecticut Landlord After Not Paying Rent

Posted on 11. May, 2011 by in News

A resident at the apartment building located at 360 Woodland Street in Hartford, Connecticut became physical with his landlord after not paying his rent since January. Corey Lewis, 21 was approached by his landlord around 11:30 am in the parking lot of the building where he sublets. An argument developed as Corey was confronted about the past due rent money he owed.  According to police officials, Lewis pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and cocked the gun back in an attempt to shoot the property manager. Allegedly when the gun failed to fire off the shot, Corey Lewis pistol whipped his landlord across the face. He was arrested Thursday, May 5th on weapons and assault charges.

If you suspect that a tenant is going to be uncooperative about paying the rent he or she owes you, obtaining a money judgment may be a good solution for you. Other property managers choose to use a lawyer as their collection partner over a collection agency because they find them more effective. However when confronted by a potentially violent renter in a public or private setting, immediately alerting authorities like the Hartford police department may be your best protection. Have you ever had a resident become hostile over a rental dispute?


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