Evicted Woman Breaks Back into Her House

Evicted Woman Breaks Back into Her House

Posted on 01. Jun, 2011 by in News

This January, a former vice principal of Oakland’s Castlemont High School, Tanya Dennis, broke back into her house after being evicted. Tanya had been living in her home in Berkeley, CA for 27 years and after her house went into foreclosure, she was evicted by the Alameda County sheriff’s department. She broke back into the house and was found squatting in the residence she previously owned.

In this case, Tanya Dennis was putting pressure on her lender, Wells Fargo, to renegotiate the principal she owes on her home and make her monthly payments affordable after defaulting on the loan. The spokesman for the bank, Tom Goyda, reports that they worked with Tanya Dennis for more than 2 years but “there is no option for which Dennis qualifies.” She has filed a lawsuit in federal court and has yet to make a mortgage payment.

It is a difficult issue because of the California laws that allow lenders to negotiate with a homeowner while simultaneously going through the foreclosure process. While break-ins like this one are uncommon, the housing market continues to be in turmoil, and home owners and renters seem to be reacting to these conditions.

Source: http://www.baycitizen.org/housing/story/fighting-eviction-breaking-back/

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