Sarah Palin Victim of Mortgage Fraud

Sarah Palin Victim of Mortgage Fraud

Posted on 14. Jun, 2011 by in News

This May, Sarah Palin invested in a company that paid $1.7 million for a 5 bedroom house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Questions were raised about the legality of the sale after a fraud examiner determined that at least two of the signatures were forged on the re-financing and foreclosure transaction papers in the years prior to Palin’s company involvement. “The title problems here are very, very significant, and I believe it is going to require that this be litigated to find out who the legal owner of the property is,” said Marie McDonnell.

Sarah Palin supposedly decided to go public with this mortgage fraud to educate people on these real estate issues and bring awareness to how serious this can be. One of the faulty signatures was “Linda Green” who’s name has popped up time and time again on legal documents that banks could use to proceed with foreclosures in court. Hopefully, knowledge of these dangers will help prevent others from becoming victims of fraud.


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