Property Manager Sets Resident On Fire Over Late Rent

Property Manager Sets Resident On Fire Over Late Rent

Posted on 06. Jul, 2011 by in News

Jonathan Steinberg, 58, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after he became so upset with his tenant’s late rent payments that he set his boxer shorts on fire while he was wearing them.

Property manager, Jonathan Steinberg, was living with his resident Ronald Rohde in the Boynton Beach house and got in a heated argument about rent payment around 4pm on Monday, June 27th. The men began to fight and Jonathan gabbed a screwdriver and cut his roommate’s back and then splattered rubbing alcohol on his boxer shorts and lit them on fire.

Police said that the victim Ronald Rohde, 52, was able to strip down fast enough to avoid major burns. Ronald was taken to Bethesda Memorial Hospital and the boxer shorts are being held as evidence.

You would think that the landlord would consider eviction before allowing arguments over rent payment to escalate to physical violence.


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