Everything Sends a Marketing Message

Everything Sends a Marketing Message

Posted on 02. Aug, 2011 by in Marketing

When is the last time you reviewed all of the materials you provide to your prospective renter or resident? And I mean ALL of the materials, including papers left behind after a service request, applications, notices, event invitations, ads, flyers, outreach materials, stationery…the works. Here’s what you need to do:

Take all of those items I mentioned above (and any others I may have missed) and lay them all out.
Review each one carefully. Then ask yourself the following:

Are all of the logos the same on each piece?
Should the logo be updated for a more contemporary look and feel?
Are all of the fonts consistent?
Are the colors consistent?
Are the colors contemporary, or do they need an update?
Are there any typos or misspellings?
Have any of the pieces been copied to death (and show it)?
Is the contact information for the leasing office correct?
Does the contact information include the leasing office email address?
Do the pieces include social networking logos and ‘follow’ information?
Should the leasing office hours be included on any of the pieces? Are they included?
Are there photos on the materials and if so, are they current?
Do the photos contain images of people and if so, do the images comply with Fair Housing?
Do you have the Fair Housing logo on all of the materials?

After completing your audit, you may have some work to do. If so, get started as soon as possible. Find a graphic designer if you need to create the strongest possible statements.

Remember, anything that ‘touches’ the customer sends a strong marketing message. What are your materials saying about your company?

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