Celebrate the New Year with your Staff: 4 Fun Ideas

Celebrate the New Year with your Staff: 4 Fun Ideas

Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 by in Business

The year 2012 is almost upon us. You staff has worked long and hard to fill the vacancies, please the residents and fulfill the expectations of your clients. So it’s time to show them how much your appreciation while at the same time reinforcing their positive efforts to help your property management business to grow and “flourish.”

Fun Idea #1: Organize a “Progressive Dinner.” For decades this has been a popular way for friends and colleagues to enjoy a fine meal while having a chance to visit several places all in the same evening. At a Progressive Dinner you’ll be experiencing a meal together where each course is served at a different participant’s home. This way the party literally moves from one place to another throughout the evening. This fun experience works especially well for a group where the members live close to one another, or within a 5-mile radius. Ask for volunteers to be designated drivers, and carpool with at least four people per car. If the weather and proximities allow, it’s even more fun to walk between locations. This facilitates getting exercise and digestion between courses! When planning your dinner, you should schedule no more than 3-4 courses. Beyond that the logistics become too complicated with too much traveling. In planning this, make sure you allow about three hours for the evening’s experience. You’ll want to also plan for about 45 minutes at each location. You can find lots of good tips and delightful ways to organize a Progressive Dinner by going to web sites like the following.

Fun Idea #2: Rent a school gymnasium and/or cafeteria while school is out and have a “fun-and-games” luncheon and afternoon. This has worked well for groups and companies that I have managed. Whether the facilities allow you to have sports games like volleyball, badminton and basketball, or you just make it an afternoon of board games and card games, it will be a blast! Cater an inexpensive lunch by asking a local restaurant or popular fast-food place to pack up enough box-lunches and drinks for your group. Then when the eating is over, let the games begin! Ask some of your more sociable, creative employees to decide what games to play. They can ask each staff member to bring the needed equipment, cards and/or games. This really doesn’t take a lot of planning, but you should get started soon. You could even plan on doing it after New Year’s when many people have the “post-holiday blues” and need something to look forward to.

Fun Idea #3: Sponsor a contest where everyone ends up winning a prize. Choose quality prizes like a one month guest pass to a fitness center (call the manager and ask them to give you some free, trial membership passes). Make “the contest” a fun experience for all. Perhaps it’s the theme of solving a mystery or coming up with smart ideas for improving client relationships and communications with residents. Ask each staff member to take a “stab” at it, and have prizes for participation as well as coming up with the answers and the best suggestions.

Fun Idea #4: Have a “Hot, Tropical Theme Party” during the cold, drab winter. Contact a local fun-oriented eatery that either has a tropical décor or a place like “Pizza Time Theater”. Choose a time of the day when they need the business (often mid-afternoon) and have everyone who attends wear tropical clothing (under their jackets and coats). Ask the management of the eatery to provide some decorations. Then have them turn up the lights (and the heat) and provide some Hawaiian music or all the hits from The Beach Boys. Encourage attendees to dance or do karaoke. You can find some neat tips on this idea by clicking right here or by using your favorite online Search Engine. Just be creative and ask some of your staff to help you think of ways to make this event fun for everyone.

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