Study Reveals Pattern on Furnishings Can Induce Dizziness

Study Reveals Pattern on Furnishings Can Induce Dizziness

Posted on 08. Feb, 2012 by in News

A particular design on some furnishings could have you feeling like you need to sit down or even get out of the room entirely. A recent study in the scientific journal Perception revealed that a black and white patterned rug appeared to cause symptoms related to motion sickness. “We were surprised at how quickly people experienced symptoms — within five minutes,” Frederick Bonato, an author of the study explained.

Andrea Bubka, who has studied motion sickness, joined Bonato in asking 22 college students to stare for five minutes at a photo of the rug and a photo of a gray poster separately. Students filled out a motion sickness questionnaire following the tests revealing that students felt noticeably unstable after staring at the rug.

The study was prompted after colleagues of Bonato and Bubka reportedly experienced headaches after staring at their mat. “We kind of did it almost for kicks,” Bonato said.

The next time an interior design project ensues in your home be sure to take special note of black and white patterns due to the potential dizzy spell they may induce!


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