Fair Housing: What’s New For 2012 (Webinar Recap)

Fair Housing: What’s New For 2012 (Webinar Recap)

Posted on 18. Jun, 2012 by in Webinars

In this April 19th webinar, Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel with For Rent Media Solutions, shared her insight on what’s ahead for the Fair Housing industry. Nadeen covered a few interesting topics, including how to deal with service animals, the process of criminal background checks and when you may need to allow the resident to change the locks due to domestic violence.

This educational event was hosted by AppFolio Property Manager, providers of web-based property management software designed for modern residential property managers, along with Grace Hill, the leading provider of education and networking opportunities for members of the multifamily industry.

Watch the recording of the webinar and read Q&A

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