Why Should Property Managers be Active on Social Media?

Why Should Property Managers be Active on Social Media?

Posted on 15. Oct, 2012 by in Business

As we go about our day-to-day business, helping Property Management companies with Internet Marketing and Social Media, our customers often ask us:

“Why do I need to regularly post on Facebook and Twitter?”

Although the potential for lead generation is the obvious benefit, here are 3 other reasons why Social Media activity helps expand your Property Management business:

Social Activity = Increased Search Rankings

Google keeps its search algorithms secret, but, a number of tests have shown that activity on sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter definitely affects your website’s organic search ranking. Check out this infographic for the detailed results of one such study.

It must be said that the quality of the information you are sharing is important as well. If all you are doing is posting your vacancies, your fan base will tune you out and eventually shut down your feed all together. To find good information to share, you first must think about your customer. Who are they? What are their interests? What information would benefit them?

For example, If your clients are mostly investors, share local Real Estate news, market updates, property management tips, relevant trends and statistics, tax advice, Real Estate related legislations, seasonal maintenance tips and pepper these third party articles with your own company updates, pictures and tidbits of advice.

Encourage Referrals

We often hear that existing customer referrals are a significant source of our clients’ business.  Activity on social media sites also helps to increase the quality of your relationship with your current customers. Marketers use the term “Top of Mind” for a service or company that’s most associated with a particular category. It’s common sense – if I say “ambulance,” you’re more likely to picture the livery of the ambulances you see driving around your own town – not one from another country.

If you are sharing relevant, quality information on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages, your owners who “follow” or “like” your page will more likely think of you first, and have no problem recommending your company to friends and acquaintances.

Influence Purchase Behavior

A 2012 Edison Research study finds that 56% of Americans have a Facebook profile – and not just kids – 55% of people 45-54 years old have profiles. It also showed that 47% of those Americans claimed that Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchase behavior.

Lastly, customer expectations play their part. For a long time, the only contact information anyone expected for a businesses was an address and a telephone number – by the year 2000, you were expected to have a website, as well. Now, in the second decade of the new millennium, people expect your business will keep up a meaningful social presence, in addition. Who knows what will be expected in another decade? We’ll be on the look out for you.

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