‘Tis the Season to Show Your Clients and Your Employees Some Good Cheer

‘Tis the Season to Show Your Clients and Your Employees Some Good Cheer

Posted on 12. Dec, 2012 by in Business

Hope this article reaches you on time, because this is the #1 time of the year to let your owner-clients and your staff know how much you appreciate them. Don’t be alarmed if you’ve put this off or forgot, because here’s two easy ways to keep from being The Grinch.

When it comes to your clients, there’s nothing like a short, hand-written card with some personal words that express how much they mean to you. It doesn’t even have to have a holiday or religious tone. Just use some nice stationary or a box of blank cards in which you say, “This is the time of year that reminds me of how much I appreciate having a client like you.”

You’ll really score some positive points if you include a good quality pen that writes real ink. I’m not talking about a gel pen. I’m talking about a nice looking ball-point pen that is designed to be comfortable to hold and writes in blue ink.

The blue ink is important, because many people like to sign their checks and important documents with blue to differentiate the originals from the copies. If you have the time to have your property management name and phone number embossed on the pen, by all means do so.

Order a big enough supply of these ball-point quality pens so you can send out a follow-up note in January wishing your clients a happy, healthy new year. With that note you can include another of your fine pens with your name and phone number on it.

Mention in the note that if your client knows of someone who needs a property manager with your reputation for service and customer satisfaction, to pass the pen on to that prospective client. Let your clients know you sincerely appreciate referrals.

When it comes to your office staff, if you haven’t done anything special for them it’s not too late. Call a local bakery and ask how much it would cost to make a large enough batch of fresh, fine sweet rolls (I love those bear claws or the ever popular nut-encrusted cinnamon rolls).

Then pick a time when most of your staff can be there and have a celebratory coffee, tea and we party where you open the bakery fresh box of rolls (if you want to awe your staff try serving hot scones with clotted cream or whipped cream) and have a ball!

You could go to your local Dollar General or Dollar Tree store and buy everyone some dollar doo-hackles. A dollar doo-hackle is something that everyone needs or would enjoy that doesn’t cost more than a dollar each. Be imaginative. At Dollar General Stores you can find everything from little electronic items to boxes of colorful coffee cups and note paper.

The idea is to give your office staff a delicious, fun time that won’t cost you a lot of money. If you give your employees a holiday bonus, this would be the place to hand out the checks or the pay stubs. Make sure everyone goes away feeling appreciated and fortunate.

With all the negative news media about the so-called fiscal cliff and other seasonal anomalies, making sure your clients and your employees are  happy campers is more important this year than ever. If the Mayan calendar is correct and the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012, you’ll be especially glad you did.

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