Being a “Remarkable” Property Manager

Being a “Remarkable” Property Manager

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Whether you’re following your passion or just trying to be successful at what you do for a living, it always counts to be in that esteemed group we call “outstanding”.

There is more research surfacing that gives practical guidance on the characteristics of those who flourish and those who flounder.

It’s not just motivation that matters; it’s also having the right information. That’s one of the reasons you come to and read these articles. One great idea can enhance your well-being.

In a fascinating book titled “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport Ph.D. I found some powerful insights on being both outstanding and what Newport calls “remarkable” in our chosen occupation.

His premise is found in the subtitle of the book; “Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love.”

It’s based on the old axiom that the more skills you have and the more experience you accrue the better your chances of experiencing both personal career satisfaction and exceptional rewards.

“The law of remarkability” is introduced colorfully in chapter 15 of this highly recommended book.

Newport states that great missions are transformed into great successes as a result of finding (and doing) great projects that satisfy this “law”. It starts by defining the word remarkable.

Literally, it means to be so amazing, so exceptional that people can’t help being inspired to remark about you and what you’re doing. It brings new meaning to the term “word of mouth advertising”.

For example, I know of a property manager who organizes and sponsors an annual seminar that’s open to owners, landlords, investors and prospective participants in the rental property industry.

This seminar also includes people who are residents. She actually invites any renter who wants to learn how to find, improve and hold onto top quality residential rentals.  The first year’s results were sketchy.

By the third year she was attracting prospective clients, lenders, community leaders and the attention of the local media. People were being to remark to one another about the seminar’s value and its sponsor.

Some attendees were so impressed they asked to co-sponsor the seminar the next year. It became so popular that the property manager who began this project didn’t need to promote it or market it.

Like a remarkable property management company, the seminar was promoting itself. The reputation of the individual who started the seminar was transformed in many positive ways.

She was perceived as a positive force for good in her community and was invited to speak before public service organizations like Kiwanis, Rotary and the local Chamber of Commerce.

It won’t surprise you that her referrals tripled by the third year and last I had heard she was turning away business because she was so busy. She told me she enjoyed referring them to her competition.

Her competition couldn’t believe that she would do this and offered to take her to dinner in gratitude. Over a fine meal she forged an alliance of cooperation, mutual respect and opportunities to collaborate.

If you want to be a remarkable property manager be so creative, proficient and willing to do just a little more than the average that your community feels compelled to remark about you to others.

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