Three Powerful Words That Build Lasting Relationships with Residents and Clients

Three Powerful Words That Build Lasting Relationships with Residents and Clients

Posted on 03. May, 2016 by in Articles

In today’s world of ever-changing strategies and depersonalizing experiments with “virtual reality” and “artificial intelligence,” property managers need relationship-building skills they can depend upon. This article is about 3 of the most reliable words for creating an environment of trust and loyalty in all aspects of the property management industry. These 3 words are essential to our personal success.

The first is INTEGRITY without which our reputations and our relationships won’t stand the test of time. Are you a person who keeps their promises and whose word is as “good as gold”?
Without integrity there lacks trust, and without trust, loyalty withers and fades. Yes, that’s a simplistic statement, but I challenge anyone to disprove its veracity.

Devote some early mornings or weekend “down time” for reviewing the promises you’ve made to yourself, your colleagues, your clients and your residents. Are you devoted to fulfilling them? It’s so easy to slip into the habit of using sales promotions or marketing concepts that tend to over-promise and under-deliver. If you are truly honest with yourself and others, people will trust you.
In the final analysis we all want to do business with honest people whose personal ethics are founded on integrity. Through self-evaluation and with the help of trusted advisors we can strengthen ours.

The second powerful word is IMPROVEMENT. This can specifically relate to areas of service and the maintenance of the buildings that we manage. Has your management of maintenance issues improved in the years you’ve been a property manager? What have you done lately to evaluate how you handle complaints and maintenance issues? The opposite of improvement may be the word “deterioration.” If your rental units aren’t being preserved and carefully maintained on a scheduled basis you may find too many areas of disrepair. To initiate improvement in this area, begin meeting with your maintenance providers on a regular basis. Look at the history of work orders, how timely they were handled, and at what rate of success. Is the quality of your maintenance procedures contributing to the contentment of the property owners and the residents who pay the rent? What steps can you take today towards lasting improvement?

The third word for better results in your property management business is INNOVATION. In simple terms, innovation is the willingness to be a creative problem-solver, one who thinks outside the box. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” said the 20th century genius Albert Einstein. Are you open to better ways, more effective ways of operating your business? Procrastination is a big obstacle to proactive innovation. Begin today to discover who you work with, who you know with outstanding ideas for innovative progress. Ask questions, reach out for insights. Many of the latest technologies available were born of a need to innovate effective solutions, saving time and protecting our most important relationships. Learn where those technologies are found.

Integrity, improvement and innovation will preserve those aspects of your daily life that you treasure most. Incorporate in your self-management ways to use these 3 powerful words to serve and succeed.

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