How to Keep Your Properties Secure this Summer

How to Keep Your Properties Secure this Summer

Posted on 26. Jul, 2016 by in Articles

With hot summer days and warm nights upon us, it’s more important than ever that property security measures are in place and operational. Along with bored teenagers looking to get into trouble, warm summer evenings also attract the professional criminal as well. With apartment units frequently empty in summer months due to vacationing tenants, those empty apartments can become a prime target for property crime or vandalism, particularly if your property has had vandals strike in the past. Either way, now may be a good time to assess any potential security issues and make any changes or enhancements as needed. And while property budgets may play a role in what type of security measures can be implemented, remember that tenant safety is of primary importance. Here are a few suggestions to make sure that your properties stay safe:

  • Consider replacing regular outside lights with motion sensor lights. The typical home intruder is not always swayed by the presence of a light outside of a home. However, when that light suddenly turns on as they get closer, it’s likely that they’ll be spooked and retreat.
  • Have a visible security presence after dark. Having active security patrol the grounds on a routine basis will bring peace of mind to tenants, and make potential criminals look for an easier target.
  • Designate parking spaces for your tenants and make sure that the correct vehicle is parked in the correct space. This is just another area that can be checked by security personnel in the evening.
  • Install speed bumps in the parking lot. Speed bumps can do a lot to deter people who do not belong on the property from remaining.
  • Replace any burnt out lightbulbs and other security lighting immediately. A dark property sends a strong signal to criminals, and can be a haven for a bunch of bored teens.
  • Be sure to replace any broken windows immediately as well. Like the burnt out bulbs, boarded up windows send the wrong signal to those looking for an easy target.
  • Walk the property and look for graffiti. Taggers will not always be front and center with their vandalism, and gangs in particular will often tag a small, partially hidden area as a test. Don’t fail the test. Remove the graffiti immediately and be sure to report it to the police as well.
  • If crime is a serious issue, you may want to consider security gates and a manned security gate.

While crime typically peaks in the summer months, keeping these measures in place year round will work to keep criminals at bay, and tenants safe – all the time.

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