Now Is the Best Time for Property Managers to Celebrate Your Residents

Now Is the Best Time for Property Managers to Celebrate Your Residents

Posted on 23. Dec, 2016 by in Articles

There is no time like the present to make sure your residents are happy and feeling appreciated. We don’t need a holiday season or a special time of the year to create an event to convey our gratitude.

  • First and foremost, when you see a resident or your staff is communicating with them, go out of your way to look them in the eyes and sincerely have something positive to say about them. Find the positive.
  • Plan a resident celebration that is designed to build rapport and improve your properties’ retention rates. This event can be simply a drop-by-during-the-day party to distribute refreshments and smiles.
  • Host a personal wellness event on a weekend day when most residents are available. Hire a personal success speaker, a life coach or invite a speaker from your community college to share relevant ideas.
  • Many residents want more information about staying healthy and physically fit. Invite a yoga instructor or a master of meditation to demonstrate, or offer residents a complimentary class at a local fitness center looking for new members. They’ll be glad to work with you and your residents will benefit.
  • Sponsor a “can’t lose” annual drawing or giveaway. In exchange for their willingness to sign up to pay their rent online each month, you offer a prize, a perk or a chance to win a grand prize too. Win-win!
  • If you have a multi-residential property where children and families live, host an event that will be fun for all ages. A board games party with light refreshments is still a hit in the age of digital entertainment.
  • Have your staff or some reliable adults oversee the event. The object is to pick board games where both children and grown-ups can sit at the same tables and have a good time. Be creative with this idea.
  • The end of a year or the beginning of a new year is a great time to write a “From Your Property Management Company” letter of gratitude. It should be from the manager and from the heart.
    Address the progress, the achievements and respect for the “little ways” that residents have contributed to the well-being of your rental community. Hand sign each letter, and show generous gratitude.
  • Just about everyone enjoys a variety-filled meal with neighbors and potential friends. Host a potluck meal or a “bring your favorite dessert” occasion while you provide beverages and entertainment.

You now have some ideas, so it’s my turn to ask you for a favor. If you have hosted, invented or crafted a unique way to “celebrate your residents” please tell us about it in the comment section below. Let your residents know how much you care and they’ll find ways to show you their cooperation and loyalty. Meanwhile, give just for the sake of giving!

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