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One of the topics I think about is how to reach customers without being too intrusive or (can I say it…) annoying. Instead we want to be interesting, relevant and informative, basically everything your typical commercial or advertisement is not! Really, if you’re like me, you fast forward through commercials (unless it is the MAC vs PC one), feel annoyed by unwanted spam, and don’t answer calls from people you don’t know. But I do actually read articles and respond to messages that teach me something that will make my life (business or personal) easier or better.

I also see that property managers are a connected community with lots of similar challenges and great ideas but most of the interaction is local – people in the same area talk to each other. At AppFolio we sell web-based property management software and in the process we talk to property managers from all over the country – we see there is a real opportunity to help extend this community. So we decided to create a destination where we can share our unique perspectives, educational content and best practices on all kinds of topics that will help you grow and better manage your property management business.

Please send your ideas for content, comment on the articles and share the site with your colleagues – we welcome your input!


Aimee Miller, CMO, AppFolio


Who is AppFolio? We sell web-based property management software to residential property managers. If you’re interested in learning more about AppFolio Property Manager, please visit our site: www.appfolio.com.

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